Mercer Pension Risk Exchange Infographic

Mercer Pension Risk Exchange Infographic

pension risk exchange

A Ground Breaking Approach to Pension Risk Management

Many defined benefit plans are now closed to new employees, but these plans still represent significant obligations for the company to manage alongside its on-going business. In addition to the company specific situation, economic factors are also driving up the demand for annuity transactions; however, the annuity marketplace can be hampered by long execution timelines and lack of price transparency. A plan sponsor requires robust information on the financial position of the company’s pension plan, needs an understanding for how key financial metrics are developing over time, and values customized pricing information. This information must be accurate, up-todate, and easily accessible.

Current Bulk Annuity Market Challenges


    Each deal is unique and attracts different insurers. Deal pricing can vary dramatically.



    Pricing fluctuates over time but is not visible to plan sponsors.



    Obtaining a price can be difficult and time consuming. Plan sponsors often don’t know the price at which they should execute an annuity transaction.


Mercer Pension Risk Exchange TM

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