Recently, the European Parliament voted in favour of the EU Directive on Equal Pay and Pay Transparency to establish equal pay between men and women. This calls for new actions from German organizations to establish pay equity processes to be able to comply with reporting regulations.

How much of a hot topic is pay equity in your organization? What kind of actions has your organization taken to close a gender pay gap? How well do you feel prepared for the EU Directive?


In collaboration with Remesh, Mercer will try to find the answers to such questions by opening up the conversation in a free digital focus group on Monday, September 12th at 3pm CET.


Please join us to share your observations, experiences, and perspectives about how your organization is approaching pay equity. In return, we will share a live report with you containing the results and insights collected during this conversation.

About the format: The Remesh Digital Focus Group format guides all participants through an interactive online discussion in a chat format, where participants provide ratings and ideas on questions and vote live on each other's responses. Real-time analysis gives you immediate insights into the results, allowing you to gain insights for yourself.

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Language: English

Title: Remesh Digital Focus Group: Pay Equity in Germany

Date and time: 12. September, 3pm