Maximising the value of job evaluation

  • RECORDED: 08 September 2015


  • Overview

    Job evaluation is being re-defined. Building on traditional applications, it now incorporates greater transparency and supports a wider spectrum of HR initiatives in the talent space. Job evaluation has become a key tool for helping HR to position itself as a strategic advisor, supporting business decisions that need to be based not just on finance and operations, but also on people.

    During this live webcast we will present the findings of a recent survey Mercer conducted to help organizations understand what the key benefits of implementing job evaluation are and how to maximize the value of job evaluation, for the business as well as for the HR function.

  • Why attend

    To help guide organisations, Mercer launched a Job Evaluation study in early 2015 to gauge attitudes towards implementing job evaluation. The study findings support HR professionals looking to grow their internal talent while at the same time bringing clarity, consistency, and control to their organisations. Join us to learn more

  • Who should attend

    This webcast is primarily addressed to HR leaders and C&B grading experts.

  • Speakers

    David Wreford, Rewards Europe, Principal, London;

    Mark Bonsels, Talent Central Europe, Principal, Frankfurt

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  • Title: Maximising the value of job evaluation

  • Language: English

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