Employee Preference Research − how can your organization benefit?

  • Date: : 31 March 2020


A successful Employee Value Proposition (EVP) depends on providing a competitive, differentiated and unique experience. But many decisions are still often made in a relative vacuum of information – based on instinct, precedence, or external benchmark. Without knowing what employees really prefer, organizations presume to know what is best for their staff when it comes to rewards offerings. As a result, many of these companies suffer higher turnover rates, increased hiring expenses, and lower employee engagement.


So, why not seeking to understand the preferences and perceptions from those who consume the EVP – the employees?


Viewing employees as consumers and learning what they value at work, and how that relates to their satisfaction and opinions, is fast becoming a priority for companies in an era of high competition for talent. It’s a critical ingredient to improving the employee experience, a focus area for most employers today.


Please join our Employee Preference Research webcast with Thomas Gruhle (Head of Workforce Products CE), Joost Houtman (Principal Mercer Sirota) and Dr. Jens Ballendowitsch (Managing Consultant Engagement Solutions DACH) on:


March 31 at 3 p.m. – 4 p.m



Who should attend?

  • Compensation & Benefits Experts
  • Employee Engagement & Experience Experts
  • Employee researchers / People Analytics


Why should you attend? You will gain an understanding of …

  • Why insights in preferences and opinions are critical to enhancing the employee experience
  • How to gain insights into the unique and diverse needs and preferences of current employees to provide evidence-based insights into targeted people investments to enhance the EVP.
  • How organizations can use the results of preference research to assess the need for potential reward program reallocations
  • How other organizations approach this topic – case studies


Please download here the whitepaper related to Employee Preference Research (in German language).

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  • Title : Employee Preference Research − how can your organization benefit?

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